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How to Fix ElephantDrive Client’s Failure to Open in Windows 7

by on April 19, 2012


Mircea Oprea |

After updating Java on Windows 7 PC, ElephantDrive backup desktop manager fails to open.

For few days, I noticed that my computer was not being backed up by my ElephantDrive backup software. When I tried launching the application from my start menu, all I would see was a brief glimpse of the ElephantDrive application start up screen, and then nothing.

After a couple of emails back and forth with ElephantDrive’s quick support team, I was told that this issue has to do with a conflict created when a Windows 7 user updates Java on their computer. This issue cannot be resolved by just reinstalling ElephantDrive management console over the current version. What I had to do was uninstall both Java and ElephantDrive application, and then reinstall them in the same order (Java, ElephantDrive). Don’t worry, your back up tasks and schedules have not been corrupted, it is just that the desktop client cannot properly load.

Below, I have provided the simple steps that I took to fix this problem both in a short version and long version with pictures on how I got ElephantDrive working once more on my computer.

Note: First, let me say that the below steps worked for me. If configuring your computer settings, removing or installing software on your computer is not your “thing”, then I suggest you call/email tech support or visit your local tech support center. This post is only intended to show how I corrected the problem. If you still wish to try this solution, please do so at your own risk. Okay? Good, here we go . . .


In Windows 7 select: Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features > Java > Uninstall. Once Java is uninstalled, select: ElephantDrive > Uninstall.

Close all open windows, and reboot computer

Open browser > > download correct Java version needed > Install Java > reboot computer

Open browser > > download correct ElephantDrive version needed > Install ElephantDrive.

Try reopening ElephantDrive. It should work.

LONG VERSION (with pictures):

Prep for uninstalling ElephantDrive

  1. Make sure that you have your username and password handy
  2. Ensure that they are correct. You can do this by going to and selecting “Login here” or “My Account”.
  3. If the username and or password are incorrect (can’t login) then work with ElephantDrive to correct this. Better now than when you have to login after the install.
Web ElephantDrive Login

Web ElephantDrive Login

Uninstall ElephantDrive app

Update: According to ElephantDrive support, uninstalling ElephantDrive client is not necessary, as they believe it is only the Java update that is the culprit. I went ahead and uninstalled it as I wanted to do a clean install of ElephantDrive after reinstalling Java.

  1. (For Windows 7) Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features
  2. Select ElephantDrive in the “Uninstall or change program” window list
  3. Select “Uninstall” (wait for process to be completed)
  4. Keep the “Uninstall or change program” window open
Uninstall ElephantDrive

Uninstall ElephantDrive

Uninstall Java

  1. Select Java from the “Uninstall or change program” window list
  2. Select “Uninstall” (wait for process to be completed)
  3. Close the “Uninstall or change a program” window
  4. Reboot computer

Install/Reinstall latest version of Java

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Free Java Download button
  3. Ensure that you have the correct version for your computer
  4. Download and install the latest Java
  5. Reboot computer

Install/Reinstall latest version of ElephantDrive

  1. Go to
  2. Download latest version of ElephantDrive for your computer(s)
  3. Install ElephantDrive
  4. Reenter username/password
ElephantDrive Download Window

ElephantDrive Download Window

Confirm that your settings are correct

  1. Click on ElephantDrive in taskbar (hidden icons).
  2. View > Backups
  3. You should see all your scheduled backups from previous installation of ElephantDrive desktop client.
Login to ElephantDrive window

Login to ElephantDrive window

If you are still having problems, please contact ElephantDrive Support they are a really helpful bunch.  Also, don’t panic about your back up tasks, they are still there, just the Java/Client issue is preventing you from seeing them.

Outside of this one issue, I have not had any problem with this company or the backup software client. The whole crew has been very helpful, and quick to respond to my questions.

If you would like to try ElephantDrive Backup, Storage, Sync, and Sharing you can go here:

TenForTek - Web, Data and Business Support Services

TenForTek | Web, Data and Business Support Services

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