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PowerPoint 2010 Crashing on Win 7 Boot Camp Fix

by on February 10, 2012

Mircea Oprea |

How to fix Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 crashing when typing in text.

I have Microsoft’s Office 2010 installed on my MacBook Pro and am running Microsoft’s Windows 7, 64 bit (boot camp). When trying to use PowerPoint for the first time since installing MS Office 2010, the program would crash whenever I started typing in text. After doing a little research, I found out that this is due to a bug in the Office installation (on Mac hardware) that shows up only when trying to run the PowerPoint application. Here is the easy fix that I used.


First, let me say that this is what worked for me. If configuring your computer settings is not your “thing”, then I suggest you call/email tech support or visit your local tech support center. This post is only intended to show how I corrected the problem. If you still wish to try this solution, please do so at your own risk.

In Windows 7 select – Start > Control Panel > Region and Language > Keyboards and Languages > Change keyboards… > Add > English (United States) > Keyboard > United States > “US” – [make sure this is checked].

Then select – OK > OK > OK

Try reopening PowerPoint and type in a title. It should work.

LONG VERSION (with pictures):

In Windows 7 select “Start” icon then “Control Panel”.

win 7 Control Panel

Windows 7 Control Panel (fig. 1)

Once in the Control Panel, select “Region and Language”. This will open up the computer’s Region and Language settings.

Region and Language Settings

Region and Language Settings (fig. 2)

In the Region and Language settings select the “Keyboards and Languages” tab, then select the “Change keyboards. . .” button. This will open up “Text Services and Input Languages” settings.

Text Services and Input Languages Settings

Text Services and Input Languages Settings (fig. 3)

In the Text Services and Input Languages settings, select the “Add” button and this will open up the “Add Input Language”. Scroll down to “English (United States)”.

Add Input Language Settings

Add Input Language Settings (fig. 4)

At the English (United States) check “US”. If “US” is already checked, then you might have a different issue with your PowerPoint 2010 that is beyond this post.

After checking “US” then select “OK”, again, and again until you are back to control panel.

Final Notes:

Apparently, this issue is only on Apple products as “United States (Apple)” – see fig. 3 – is preset, but “US” is not. I did not have this issue with PowerPoint on any of my Windows 7/64 desktop/laptop PCs.

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  1. Matt permalink

    This worked for me. THANK YOU!!!

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